Tuesday, March 26, 2013

11 Flagrant Sales Mistakes to Avoid

Most people are in sales, whether it’s really part of their job title or description  Even if you don’t sell services or products, marketing yourself and ideas is a must. 

Avoiding these kinds of errors will help you increase sales as well as open additional doorways.

1. Not Knowing Your Product
You must learn the product your are selling inside and out. People will not want to purchase anything you are selling if you are not able to answer the questions they have about it. 

2. Not Listening and Assuming
Make sure you are listening to the customer when they are talking, so that you will understand their wants and be able to supply the product that will fit their needs. Your sales will come much easier by just taking a minute and understanding what the customer is saying.

3. Forgetting to Turn Off Your Mobile Devices
It is best practice to give your potential customers your undivided attention. Your phone going off constantly will cause a distraction and make the customer feel like you are not their main concern.

4. Having a Bad Attitude
No one wants to buy anything for a Debbie Downer or a person that acts like you are hasseling them when you make a request. 

5. Having Poor Communications Skills
Make sure when you are speaking to a potential client you use eye contact, don't mumble or use one word answers. It puts people off.

6. Poor Personal Presentation
Image and first impressions are important to a lot of people especially in the sales world. Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed, your hair is combed, and you smell nice.

7. Breaking Commitments/ Not Following Up
If you promise to do something for a potential client such as calling them back at a certain time, make sure you do it. 

8. Not Being Present
Make sure that you are fully alert and your mind is not elsewhere.

9. Focusing on Price
Having competitive pricing is important in the long run. But using only this as a ploy means nothing if your competitor undercuts you. 

10. Not Closing the Sale
It is very important to have a good rapport and personable relationship with potential clients. You must not let this stop you from why you came to them in the first place. Make sure you are clear that they have agreed to proceed.

11. Not Asking for a Referral
Word of mouth is the best advertising, its free and it comes with from a trusted source. Make sure to ask each of your clients for at least three people that could also benefit from what you have to offer them.

Datavo loves to hear what you think, feel free to leave any sales mistakes you know of in the comments.

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