Sunday, April 14, 2013

6 Notable Ways to be Likeable

Likability will help you leaps and bounds in your job, business, personal relationships and just life in general. Here at Datavo we decided to put a list of important essentials together for you to incorporate into your work and life to be more likable.

1. Listen
Listening is the foundation of any good communication. Successful business leaders listen to their customers to find what challenges they are facing. They listen to colleagues and employees and accept new ideas. 

2. Team Player
There is no I in team and no matter what size your business is you interact with other people everyday. Encouraging innovation, letting others shine, and following others rules for working in a team will help you become more likable with your employees and coworkers.

3. Adaptability
With technology changing the face of the marketplace faster than anytime previous, leaders must be flexible in all areas of their business. Being stubborn and against change will see you left behind.

4. Authenticity
Be who you say you are. People want authentic people to succeed and are more willing to help them to do so. There used to be a much larger divide between a persons public life and private life but social media has blurred the line. Being authentic makes it much easier to merge your personal and professional life online.

5. Be Grateful
Likable leaders are always grateful for the people that work under them and contribute to their success. Showing appreciation and saying thank you to customers, employees, colleagues, mentors, and others will keep you appreciated, humble and well liked. 

6. Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated
When you give people the same courtesy and respect that you expect from them, you will receive more respect and admiration from employes, collegues, friends and family. When people feel respected they are more willing to work with you.  

Feel free to leave out any notable ways you know of to be likable.

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