Friday, April 5, 2013

Smartbiz - A myDatavo Hosted Phone Solution

myDatavo Smartbiz is a VoIP, cloud based, fully featured phone system that lets you manage extensions, view voicemail, faxes and handle inbound or outbound calls to your business lines from the web, through free mobile apps and Windows software. 

With the click of a few buttons you can manipulate call handling rules from anywhere in the world by accessing Datavo’s easy to use portal. Our web portal mobile apps not only give you complete control over your business extensions but convert your team’s smartphones and tablets into a fully featured desk phones; therefore, when your desk line rings, your devices with myDatavo mobile installed will ring at the same time.

With myDatavo SmartBiz you only need a high-speed internet connection and everyone at your business is making calls in no time. Unlike old systems, myDatavo Smartbiz does not have any expensive, bulky hardware and can be set up online in minutes. Your Datavo phones will be sent directly to your office and will arrive Datavo Ring Ready® so there’s no time wasted.

Ultimately, myDatavo SmartBiz delivers the features and services you require to communicate efficiently with customers and colleagues no matter where you are.

Included Features:

  • Administration Web Portal
  • myDatavo Mobile for iOS and Android
  • myDatavo Assistant Toolbar
  • myDatavo Communicator Softphone
  • Easy Phone Manager
  • Easy Call Manager
  • Music on Hold
  • Visual Voicemail with VM to Email
  • Phone Remote
  • Unified Contacts
  • Voice Mail Fusion
  • Call Jump
  • Cisco 3 line phone per Extension
  • Unlimited local, station-to-station or on-net calling

Premium Options:

  • MPLS dedicated T1 Access
  • Unlimited Additional Users
  • Easy or Premium Auto Attendant
  • Unified Fax Messaging
  • Incoming Call Manager
  • Voicemail Speech to Text
  • HD Conferencing
  • Installation Services Available

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